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Health Services Provided

School Health Staff provide health counseling, health education, health screenings, and referral and follow up of suspected or confirmed health problems. They also provide consultation with students’ parent(s) or guardian(s) regarding the need for health evaluation by the family physician, dentist, or other specialist when definitive diagnosis or treatment is indicated. School Health Staff review and maintain records on incidents of health problems, corrective measures taken, and other information that may be needed to plan and evaluate health programs and policies. The school nurse provides health information when necessary, regarding the placement of students in exceptional student programs and the reevaluation at periodic intervals of students placed in such programs.

Meeting Emergency Health Needs

Onsite emergency health needs are provided at each school by school health staff employed by Suwannee County School District, the Suwannee County Health Department, and/or other trained Suwannee County School District staff who are currently certified by a nationally recognized certifying agency to provide first aid and CPR. Onsite emergency health needs means management and aid for illness or injury pending the student's return to the classroom or release to a parent, guardian, designated friend, or designated health care provider.

When a student becomes ill at school, runs a fever, has a potential contagious illness or has a more serious  health problem while at school, the parent/guardian will be notified to pick-up their child immediately.  A note from a doctor may be requested by the school before your child can return to school.

On the Annual Emergency Information and Health Update, please list friends/relatives as emergency contacts for your student when you cannot be reached. Please list your best contact information such as a cell phone number - if applicable.

Annual Emergency Information and Health Update

It is very important that you complete the Annual Emergency Information and Health Update form and return it to your child’s school the first week of school. PLEASE provide us with emergency contacts and inform us of any health problems your children may have which can affect them in the school setting.

  • Current accurate health and telephone information enables the school to contact you in case of emergency, accident or illness, and will help us to ensure the health and well-being of your children.
  • If any information changes during the school year, please contact the school immediately. It is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to keep their children’s health and contact information (telephone numbers, address, etc.) updated.

In case of a serious accident or illness at school, your child(ren) will be transported by ambulance to an emergency medical facility. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for all expenses.