The Suwannee Academic Boosters (SAB) held a student luncheon on January 20, 2023 at RIVEROAK Technical College acknowledging top EOC scores for Suwannee High School students.

The following students were in attendance for the luncheon:

Danilo Acosta

Adreanna Banks

Maria Cortes-Wilkes 

Tyreke Daniels-Sellers

Emma Dean

Julianne Fennimore

Lucas Freihofer

Coby Hunt

Lily Ingram

Jonas Jernigan

Krista Law

Zoe Lyras

Janeah Mitchell 

Quinton Moore

Raziel Raga

Christopher Roberts

Mica Rossignol

Alexander Skelton

Brooke Stevens

Lisania Tepetate 

Jake Wooley

To see more pictures from the luncheon, click here.