Today, we are all extremely saddened as we follow the unfolding tragedy in Uvalde Texas at Robb Elementary School. We can not imagine the pain and grief that this community, school, and families are dealing with, as they attempt to process the level of evil deeds that were committed on the most innocent.

Know that we as Superintendent of Schools and as Sheriff, that our agencies will continue to work toward supreme preparedness in our efforts to safeguard our school and district campuses. While many security efforts employed by the District are classified between our administrations, know that we practice, train, and drill, regularly to keep our standard of preparedness among the best anywhere in the nation. We can not keep an evil person from seeking to commit evil, but we can fortify our schools in such a way, that any evil-doer seeking to inflict mass harm, would be outnumbered and outgunned each and every day on every school district campus and facility. Together, we are thankful for the School Resource Officers and countless armed school guardians that seek to remain at peak awareness each day.

We are extremely proud of the relationship that exists between the Suwannee County School District and the Suwannee County Sheriff's office. We jointly ask everyone to keep the families and the Robb Elementary School community, in their thoughts and prayers, as they deal with the aftermath of this unthinkable event.

May God continue to have blessings and mercy in the days ahead!

Ted L. Roush
Superintendent of Schools
Suwannee County School District
(386) 647-4600

Sam St. John
Suwannee County Sheriff