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Switching to MealViewer

Suwannee County School District Food Nutrition department is excited to announce the launch of MealViewer, a digital menu solution for parents and students. The official launch date for MealViewer is August 16, 2016.

Suwannee County School District believes that MealViewer will bring major technology upgrade to our school in the Digital Age where school nutrition is concerned.  In an effort to aide communication between students and parents in and out of the cafeteria, MealViewer will deliver the menu along with relevant content, to engage and attract student and provide crucial nutritional and allergen information.  This web-based menu management system will let our schools communicate through web sites and mobile apps, while the digital signs in the cafeteria feature the day’s food offerings, and can provide unique school content which range from a daily news feed to football game footage.

We are thrilled to use this tool to speak to our amazing students in the digital language that they speak so fluently.  Visual stimulation and this new digital language from MealViewer is going to help  our school administration, and specifically our school nutrition team, connect with students to create a more vibrant and healthy school environment.  MealViewer will help foster more conservation about making healthy choices and balanced diet discussions and that is something we all can be excited about!

To visit this on our web-site go to and click on the “lunch menu” tab

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