The Suwannee Academic Boosters (SAB) held a luncheon at RIVEROAK Technical College for Suwannee High School (SHS) students with the top AP scores in the school on November 15, 2018.

The following students received top AP scores:

Kaitlyn Allen

Karen Arreguin

Ethan Bower

Joshua Braun

Christian Dixon

Melissa Ernst

Jordan Esco

Alexis Fletcher

Katelyn Floyd

Daniel Hendrick

Lilian Lamb

Tori Lane

Ronald Layton

Jacob Letu

Anne Marie Littleton

Jessica Martin-Alonso

Hayley Mcclain

Declan Miller

Emelia Rodriguez

Haylee Ross

Cameron Simpson

Katherine Thompson

Danny Tran

The guest speaker for the luncheon was Jordan Daniels from Daniels Funeral Home. Daniels encouraged the students in attendance to reach out of their comfort zone and form good relationships with people.