For the 2020-2021 school year, the Suwannee County School District welcomes in two new Student Ambassadors.  These students, Morgan Larney from Suwannee High School (SHS) and Isaac Mincks from Branford High School (BHS), will attend monthly board meetings and give their input on matters being discussed on the agenda.

Upon hearing their selection, both Larney and Mincks were shocked.  Larney says, “I was really excited to know that they had choose me.  Out of all the amazing students in our class it was me that the administration selected to represent Suwannee High and though that my opinion would be valued.”  Mincks was hesitant at first, but he knew this was a unique opportunity.  Mincks says, “I was offered the opportunity to be the Student Ambassador by my Principal.  At first I was a little skeptical, but then once I thought about it and got my family’s input, I was willing to give it an opportunity and see what it would do for my reputation.  I was wondering out of everyone how did they pick me but once I first heard about it I was initially shocked.”

While serving in this role, both students hope to represent their school and students.  Larney says, “I really hope to bring student insight.  I want to talk to my classmates and be diverse on who I talk with to get different opinions.  I want to make sure my school and class is happy with decisions.  I want to be the eyes and ears for the school board.  At the last board meeting, I spoke up for my class and said we wanted to be at school.  I am glad to be at school and it was cool to give that insight on how we feel.”  Mincks’ friends instantly gave him input once they knew he was selected.  “When my friends found out I was going to be the Student Ambassador they had plenty of ideas to help schools get better as time goes on,” says Mincks, “Safety of the Branford kids and evolution of Suwannee Schools is my priority.”

Both Larney and Mincks attended the July board meeting and will continue to attend the monthly board meetings throughout the 2020 – 2021 school year.