What is Book Adventure?

Book Adventure is a free, online reading program for children in grades K-8, brought to you by the experts at Sylvan Learning. The goal is to help kids learn to love reading through interactive tools, games, and motivational rewards. Book Adventure makes it easy for children to find a book, take quizzes, and win prizes for their reading success.

Why Book Adventure?

Did you know that by the fourth grade less than 33% of children in the United States are reading at or above grade level?* This staggering statistic inspired the experts at Sylvan Learning to create a free, online resource to encourage young people to read more.

Leading literacy experts agree that it is not enough to teach kids to read; they must choose to read independently if they are to become engaged, lifelong readers. Students also demand the integration of technology into today’s learning process. Using Book Adventure, readers in grades K-8 not only receive the satisfaction of reading a book from cover to cover, they also earn rewards for taking online quizzes to demonstrate their comprehension of the books they have read. This motivational approach to learning is proven to help build a love of reading that lasts a lifetime!

What You Need to Know About Prizes

At Book Adventure, reading is rewarding! Within the “Prize Library”, kids can search for a prize they would like to win or exchange points for a prize they have earned by reading books and answering quiz questions correctly. All prizes are provided by Book Adventure’s Sponsors, including the Suwannee River Regional Library System.

How Book Adventure Works

  1. Explore the site: www.bookadventure.com
  2. Create an account with user name and password: Register to sign up – select Student, Teacher, Parent
  3. Children search for books to read in the Book Finder
  4. They read books then go back online to take quizzes
  5. Once they successfully pass quizzes they earn points toward prizes, motivating them to read more
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5
  7. Parents and teachers can track a student's progress via Reports

Book Adventure's home page can be found at http://www.bookadventure.com/Home.aspx

Please contact Kelli Williams for any additional help with Book Adventure

You can contact Williams by:

Email: kelli.williams@suwannee.k12.fl.us

Phone: (386) 647-4650