Recently Branford Elementary School (BES) was selected by Curriculum Associates to receive the Ferguson Institute Award for Largest Change in i-Ready Proficiency at a Kindergarten through fifth grade school in Math.

The award is given to schools that had the largest increase in the percentage of students who achieved a placement of Mid On-grade level in Mathematics in the nation.  The Largest Change in Proficiency- K-5 Math award includes a donation of $2,500.00 to BES, a plaque, a Curriculum Associates banner, and a visit from i-Ready® Study Buddies.

BES Principal D. McManaway says, "Branford Elementary School students worked very hard last year to improve achievement areas in reading and mathematics.  We are delighted that i-Ready has recognized BES for the most gains in mathematics within the i-Ready program throughout the nation.  All of our teachers use i-Ready in conjunction with small group interventions and instruction.  Personally, I am grateful for the acknowledgement of our learners' efforts at BES.  They will continue to make improvements using i-Ready in both reading and mathematics that will make an overall difference at Branford Elementary School as well.  We all thank i-Ready and Curriculum Associates for the monetary reward as well as the fanfare they will share with us on December 2nd right here at our own school."