Suwannee High School (SHS) received a donation of hygiene supplies for students to use from the Suwannee Health and Rehabilitation Center (SHRC) on August 15.

According to SHRC resident scheduler Laura Scott, the idea came from Jenny Hurst while Hurst taught at SHS. From there, Scott contacted the nurse of SHS, Kathy Sellgren, to see how she could help contribute. Sellgren was able to identify the needed items and Scott began to purchase those items. Scott then told her fellow co-workers what she was doing for SHS and people began to bring in their own items for donation or gave Scott money to purchase additional items.

Scott says they buy enough supplies for 8 to 10 female students. Scott says they deliver the donations at the beginning of the year and they make more donations based upon the need for more.

In addition to providing donations, Scott says they also were able to give the students a lotion from Bath and Body Works for Christmas.  

Scott says she would like to see donations go to Suwannee Middle School as well as raise awareness throughout the county.