The Suwannee High School (SHS) Art Department competes at the North Florida Community College (NFCC) High School Art Fest every year.

According to SHS Art Teacher Pam Williams, this is a regional art competition for surrounding high school students in the area.

Once again, SHS took home the most first place awards. Many students also placed second, third, or received honorable mention (HM).

See the list below for details and congratulate the students on a job well done!

1st - Rachel Howell (Black and White Drawing)
2nd - Amber Thompson (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Carson Frier (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Chloe Schwab (Black and White Drawing)

1st/M - Ava Forehand (Drawing with Color)
3rd - Padyn Chaney (Drawing with Color)

1st - Kurstan Cheek (Fiber Craft)
2nd - Austin Tefft (Fiber Craft)
3rd - Rachel Howell (Fiber Craft)
HM - Paige Carroll (Fiber Craft)
HM - Brystal Hopper (Fiber Craft)
HM - Joshawa Miller (Fiber Craft)

2nd - Rachel Howell/Addie Harrell (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Austin Tefft (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Ali Law (Hand Built Pottery)

1st - Ariel Simmons (Mixed Media)
2nd - Jeff Jones (Mixed Media)
HM - Jeff Jones (Mixed Media)
HM - Kelsey Little (Mixed Media)
HM - Abigail Corbin (Mixed Media)

1st - Abigail Corbin (Painting)

1st - Abigail Corbin (Photography)
2nd - Casey Howard (Photography)

1st - Kelsey Little (Printmaking)

1st/M - Karen Arreguin (Black and White Drawing)
3rd - Tori Lane (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Courtney Anderson (Black and White Drawing)

1st/M - Tori Lane (Drawing with Color)
HM - Karen Arreguin (Drawing with Color)

1st/M - Sam Castillo (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Ti'Majanai Aikens (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Endsley Morris (Hand Built Pottery)

2nd - Tori Lane (Mixed Media)
3rd - Stephanie Duarte (Mixed Media)
HM - Karen Arreguin (Mixed Media)

1st - Katelyn Floyd (Photography)
3rd - Katelyn Floyd (Photography)
HM - Kaitlyn Otterbine (Photography)

1st - James Howard (Printmaking)
2nd - Karen Arreguin (Printmaking)

HM - Brianna Mays (Sculpture)

1st - Carsin Chauncey (Wheel Thrown Pottery)

2nd - Morgan Coble (Black and White Drawing)
3rd - Zach Winans (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Chelsey Chaney (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Shawnee Cobb (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Dahlia Cook (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Robert Anthony Lansford (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Sidney Wynn (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Ethan Bower (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Zach Winans (Black and White Drawing)

1st - Craig Caldwell (Digital Art)

1st/M - Kasey Sanchez (Drawing with Color)
2nd - Emily Hendershot (Drawing with Color)
3rd - Carly Bonds (Drawing with Color)
HM - Annie Littleton (Drawing with Color)
HM - Shawnee Cobb (Drawing with Color)
HM - Ethan Bower (Drawing with Color)
HM - Chelsey Chaney (Drawing with Color)

HM - Edith Ramirez (Fiber Craft)
HM - Briana Williams (Fiber Craft)
HM - Kolby Pickles (Fiber Craft)

2nd - Kendall Butts (Hand Built Pottery)
3rd - Sidney Wynn (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Carly Bonds (Hand Built Pottery)

1st - Zach Winans (Mixed Media)
2nd - Ethan Bower (Mixed Media)
3rd - Jade Jones (Mixed Media)
HM - Emily Hendershot (Mixed Media)
HM - Emily Hendershot (Mixed Media)
HM - Shawnee Cobb (Mixed Media)
HM - Chelsey Chaney (Mixed Media)

2nd - Carly Bonds (Painting)
HM - Chelsey Chaney (Painting)

1st - Sidney Wynn (Photography)
2nd - Ethan Bower (Photography)
3rd - Ethan Bower (Photography)
HM - Sidney Wynn (Photography)
HM - Ethan Bower (Photography)

1st - Sidney Wynn (Printmaking)
3rd - Ethan Bower (Printmaking)

1st/M - Zach Winans (Sculpture)
2nd - Sidney Wynn (Sculpture)
HM - Carly Bonds (Sculpture)

1st - Ethan Bower (Wheel Thrown Pottery)

1st/M - Kasey Sanchez (Black and White Drawing)
2nd/M - Makenzie Warren (Black and White Drawing)
3rd - Dakota Messer (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Dakota Messer (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Zay McMillan (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Kasey Sanchez (Black and White Drawing)
HM - Karla Diaz Martinez (Black and White Drawing)

1st - Makenzie Warren (Digital Art)
2nd - Makenzie Warren (Digital Art)

2nd - Keirsten Wilder (Drawing with Color)
3rd - Jamie Good (Drawing with Color)
HM - Jaylin Roberts (Drawing with Color)
HM - Zay McMillan (Drawing with Color)

1st - Aneliz Santos (Fiber Craft)
2nd - Chase Clark (Fiber Craft)

3rd - Megan Bemiss (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Lillian Saldana (Hand Built Pottery)
HM - Makayla Warren (Hand Built Pottery)

2nd - Logan Martin (Mixed Media)
3rd - Karla Diaz Martinez (Mixed Media)
HM - Logan Martin (Mixed Media)
HM - Bethany Crossno (Mixed Media)
HM - Brandy Davis (Mixed Media)
HM - Makenzie Warren (Mixed Media)
HM - Dakota Messer (Mixed Media)

HM - Dakota Messer (Painting)
HM - Makenzie Warren (Painting)

1st - Jaylin Roberts (Photography)
2nd - Jamie Good (Photography)
HM - Bethany Williams (Photography)
HM - Sydney Willims (Photography)
HM - Zay McMillan (Photography)
HM - Bethany Williams (Photography)

1st - Shine Boyer (Printmaking)
3rd - Tasheana Jones (Printmaking)
HM - Luke McIntosh (Printmaking)

1st - Makayla Warren (Sculpture)
2nd - Megan Bemiss (Sculpture)
HM - Maggie Reaves (Sculpture)
HM - Jamie Good (Sculpture)

1st - Kailey Greene (Wheel Thrown Pottery)
2nd - Jamie Good (Wheel Thrown Pottery)