Suwannee County School District received back their official grades for each school and received a “B” rating as a school district.

Listed below is each school’s grade for the 2016-2017 school year:

Branford Elementary (BES) – 54, B

Suwannee Elementary (SES) – 74, A

Suwannee Intermediate (SIS) – 45, C

Suwannee Middle (SMS) – 53, C

Suwannee High (SHS) – 54, B

Branford High (BHS) – 59, B

All six schools in the district showed improvement from last year’s grades. The school that showed the most improvement was SES, jumping up from a 56 B school rating in the 2015-2016 school year to a 74 A rating this year. SES principal Amy Boggus says, "We were so excited when we heard the news that Suwannee Elementary School was an A. Our focus was on moving students, which meant working collaboratively in teams to help them grow beyond their potential. Our teachers, students and staff worked very hard and we are so proud of them. Their hard work has paid off."

In addition to both BHS and SHS improving on their overall school grade, both high schools improved on their graduation rate. In the 2015-2016 school year BHS graduated 77 percent of their seniors and SHS graduated 67 percent. This year, BHS graduated 94 percent of their seniors and SHS graduated 93 percent. BHS Assistant Principal Katrina Bius says, “We are very proud of the gains that were made at Branford High School for the 2016-2017 school year. The combined efforts of increasing the rigor in the core academics and focusing on college and career readiness assisted us in reaching a 94% graduation rate. The faculty and staff at BHS care for our students as they do their personal children, this alone could be in the single most important reason our school is the best in the district.”

Overall, the district graded out to a 57, B. This is the third time Suwannee has graded out as a B district and the second time in the last three years. Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Janene Fitzpatrick says, “It is always nice to see school grades go up. We want our community to have great pride in their school district. As the school grades increase, that signifies more students are being successful in what they are doing. That is the real win for Suwannee County.”

Fitzpatrick would go on to say, “Our district administrative team wants to thank the community, students, parents, faculty, staff and support personnel responsible for the increased student achievement. From late nights with homework to early morning bus rides, the success of Suwannee County students hinges on classrooms, cafeterias, facilities, school offices, technology, and all parts of the system.”