Suwannee Intermediate School (SIS) completed its two-day writing boot camp on July 26 at the Douglass Center.

The writing boot camp was free for students to attend and it focused on helping students to improve on their next FSA/ELA Assessment.

SIS teacher Jessica Davis led the way these the two days while students worked on their writing abilities.

During this writing boot camp, the students took part in reading aloud reading skills intervention passages. Students also completed a planning page independently, and completed an introduction paragraph in small groups and presented them to the class.

In addition, Davis did a highlighting activity that broke down the different parts of a "model" introduction paragraph (hook, three reasons, and a closing statement).

According to SIS Principal Gary Caldwell the boot camp is an attempt to retain information learned from school year to school year and allow the students to gain more confidence when it comes to school.

The writing book camp concludes a series of boot camps that went over writing, reading, math, and science.