This page will be updated as announcements are made regarding Suwannee County Schools.

LATEST UPDATE:  09/12/2017, 8:15p.m.

Schedule Changes for School Sports

Branford High (EDITED):  

     All activities cancelled until Monday.

Suwannee High:

     All activities cancelled until Monday.

Suwannee Middle:

     All activities cancelled until Monday.

UPDATE:  09/11/2017, 4:47p.m.

Suwannee County Schools will be closed through Friday, 9/15.

Employees, if you have not been contacted by one of your site administrators by 5:00p.m. on Tuesday, 9/12, please contact them.

UPDATE:  09/08/2017, 12:46p.m.

Due to the changing weather pattern of hurricane Irma, school is cancelled Tuesday, 09/12/2017.

UPDATE:  09/07/2017, 9:02p.m.

The State of Florida has made a decision to close all schools, colleges and universities throughout the entire state of Florida tomorrow, Friday 09/08/2017.

This includes Suwannee County Schools, as well as all after school activities and Friday night football games.

Suwannee County Schools will also be closed Monday, 09/11/2017.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  09/07/2017, 3:23p.m.

School, activities, and sporting events will proceed as scheduled for Friday. No school or school activities will take place on Monday. Parents will be notified of school closure by One Call Now call out and District website.

If schools need to be closed on Tuesday, parents will be notified by One Call Now call out, local radio stations (WQHL) and District website. District staff would be contacted by the Emergency Telephone Tree call out.