There were 2 winners of "There's No I In Safety" for August.  We are so excited about promoting safety in our district and I hope you are also. The flyer is attached for those who have not seen it.
The August Winners are:
Lori Smith from SIS. She assisted Mrs. Colvin by moving boxes for her when she was unable. She showed an act of kindness and prevented an injury at the same time.
Amanda Kiser from SPS. She assisted Mrs. Skierski by holding the door for her when her hands were full. She could've passed and let all things go
flying, but she chose to be kind and also prevented a possible accident from occurring. 

Thank you for all of your entries. The Safety Committee is looking forward to hearing from you. And as a team let’s remember, "Accidents hurt-safety doesn’t".

We are looking for September winners so I hope everyone is keeping an eye out and don't forget to send me your nominations.