Branford High School would like to formally invite you all to join us at Branford High School on April 22 for the third annual Edcamp Branford. Please encourage any educators to join us as well. Lunch is being provided and the event is free. All that we ask is that you register for the event so we can plan accordingly.

During a typical event, educators gather to request sessions based on their own need. A call for facilitators also goes out at the same time. Facilitators do not have to possess knowledge of a particular subject but must be willing to lead the room in conversation. As facilitators are matched with session requests, the schedule for the day is built. 

Educators then choose the sessions that best interest them. All are encouraged to move from session to session to find the best fit for themselves. This is referred to as "The Law of Two Feet". During the sessions, new ideas, new questions, and new connections are made. Educators leave with a greater sense of understanding and a network of individuals (a Professional Learning Network) that allows them to follow up later on a specific topic.

At the end of the day at many edcamps, there are door prizes. The door prizes are generally donated by educational companies. Since there is no vendor area, this is the only way for vendors to get their products in the hands of educators.

The website is for anyone looking to learn more information