Over two hundred students from Suwannee High School attended the Northeast Florida Construction Career Day in Jacksonville, Florida. Students learned that in order to support Florida (and its rapid growth) the transportation and construction industries are in desperate need for employees in the fields of engineering, science, technology, welding, laborers, information, machine operators, and much more.

While at the Career Day students visited multiple hands on learning labs where they were able to complete projects or partake in activities to learn about the day-to-day life in the many careers available. Some of the things they learned about include:

·           Chemical testing of products used on roads and buildings

·           How to operate heavy equipment

·           How to fly drones

·           Using advanced technology for surveying, traffic lights, and bridges

·           Welding careers, to include underwater welding crews in Florida

·           The science involved in making cement

·           Foundation Design

·           Public Information

·           Roadway engineering and design

·           Material Testing

·           Geotechnical Careers

·           Environmental Testing

·           Horticulture

·           Water Sanitation and Testing

·           Entomology

·           Electrical Construction

·           Concrete, it’s make up, (and even made some to take home)

·           Asphalt and the engineering of roads

·           Bridge Construction and the technology used in drawbridges

Students learned that many of these jobs pay well above minimum wage, provide benefits, pensions, and required a High School diploma and a willingness to learn and work. Students had the opportunity to speak with possible employers and take home information about apprentice and internship programs in Northeast Florida, some even as close as Lake City. Suwannee High hopes to continue to take students to this event yearly with the intent of providing students with information about careers and opportunities available to them at any education level after graduation.

To see photos from the Career Day, click here.