Kyler Gray graduated from Suwannee High School in 2016 as class president and valedictorian before enrolling at the University of Central Florida.

Upon arriving at UCF, Gray thought his time with student government was over. However, at orientation Gray’s fire for public service was reignited at UCF by the university’s student body president, Chris Clemente. Gray says, “I was at an orientation meeting and the president made some cool selling points. He said if anyone was interested to stop by his office and so I decided on my orientation day I would stop by the office.” Gray said he and Clemente spoke for over an hour and at the conclusion of the meeting, Clemente said Gray should become involved.

Gray did not take long to make an impact at UCF. Gray served on the Executive Leadership Council. Gray served on the council the fall semester and half of the spring semester before assisting in the campaign of student running for student body president. That student would go on to win the student body president where he then appointed Gray to serve in his Executive Cabin. Gray says, “The Cabin consists of about 12 students and we serve the student population that works directly with administration.” Gray served as the Director of Academic Affairs and the University Scholarship Chairman. Gray says, “I monitored all of the academic colleges. I made sure students were getting what they wanted.”

The following year a new student body president took charge and appointed Gray as the Chief Legal Officer (CLO). Gray says, “I would represent and advocate students going through the student conduct process.” Gray held the CLO title for a few months before resigning to run for student body president. Gray would be going up against three other candidates, all of which he had either worked with or they had worked for him. “We were almost for certain that we were going to go to a run off,” Gray says when speaking about the election.

The runoff never happen. Gray won the majority of the vote and became the elected student body president. Gray said, “We worked very hard during the election. My communications team did very good on all of our marketing and social media. I also got (UCF Quarterback) McKenzie Milton’s endorsement.” Gray said many long days went into the campaign, specifically a three-day stretch that began around 6:00 a.m. and lasted until midnight.

For now, Gray is transitioning to the role. Part of transitioning is going over the budget for next year and establishing his cabinet and policies. Gray’s goal as president is to start a movement on campus. “We want to empower the students,” Gray says. Gray’s slogan during his campaign was, “Ignite our Future”.

Gray officially starts his time as student president on May 6, 2019.