The Suwannee High School (SHS) NJROTC held its annual Area 7 Manager’s inspection on March 26, 2019 in the SHS gymnasium.

Master Sargent (Msgt.) Doug Aukerman welcomed those in attendance and called the cadets in to the SHS gymnasium. The Inspecting Officer this year was Commander Patrick Thurman. Thurman would judge cadets on their overall appearance and would ask cadets questions about their plans for the future.

While Commander Msgt. Aukerman acknowledge the success of various teams including the academic, orienteering and air rifle team.

The unarmed and armed exhibition drill teams performed during the inspection. Cadet Haley McClain leads the unarmed exhibition drill team. Drill team members are Cadets Armani Brown, Trent Burkett, Courtney Anderson, Merisley Leal, Merlin Leal, Daisy Delacruz, Julie Romulo and Auguela Pacheco.  Christian Dixon leads the armed exhibition drill team. Drill team members are Cadets Justin Gerry, Hunter Schenaur, Robert Heflin, Dixie Corbin, Dylan Marlowe and Cody Blackburn.

Following the drill teams’ performance, Commander Thurman addressed those in attendance and spoke about the inspection. Thurman said his favorite part of the job is to interact with the cadets and ask them about their future. Thurman says, “I talk to them about their plans for the future. I ask them why they joined ROTC and what is their plan after graduating.” Thurman went on to say Msgt. Aukerman and Lieutenant (Lt.) Kleinsmith do a great job preparing the cadets for life outside of high school.

To see pictures from the ROTC Inspection, click here.