The Suwannee High NJROTC Rifle Team has been very busy this year. They have competed in both air rifle postal meets and shoulder-to-shoulder events.

The postal matches were Eastside High school, Association of Aviation Ordnance and the Secretary of the Navy.

The shoulder to shoulders were Gainesville High School and the Area 7 State Championships with one more to go on March 24, 2018 at Vanguard High School. According to Master Sergeant (MSgt) Doug Aukerman, this is the third consecutive year they have gone to the state championships.

Team members are:

Brittany Hernandez (Team Commander)

Cody Blackburn

Levi Bass

Cameron Harrison

Dustin Martinez

James King

Timothy Tappen

Tyler Moore

Keaton Chavers

Cindy Ciniceros

Emerald Powell

Devonae McCarthy

Coaches MSgt Doug Aukerman, assistant coach Jeremy Smith

MSgt. Aukerman says this has been the most the SHS JROTC program has ever had on a team since the air rifle team started in 2013.

MSgt. Aukerman would like to thank their sponsors: NRA for a $5,100.00 grant, Walmart Corp. and the Sons of American Legion Post 779 in Old Fort, Pennsylvania.